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AMW Flat Screen Monitor

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Utilizing the power of world class manufacturing, together with the passion from the engineers of Amphion MediaWorks, the company builds exceptional and affordable audio and video consumer electronic products. Amphion MediaWorks strives to provide great electronics at affordable prices.

AMW is virtually unique in the monitor industry due to its high level of vertical integration.


With control of its own key component supply, sophisticated design capabilities, world-class manufacturing, as well as the capability to manage both own-brand sales and OEM sales, AMW can ensure optimal coordination of all phases of its business, from design and manufacturing to marketing and service.

AMW has combined the advantages of outsourced manufacturing and in-house manufacturing with major investor GBM (Global Brands Manufacture) taking charge of production. Through this arrangement, AMW gains the low cost structure and reduced operational overhead of outsourced manufacturing, while retaining the guaranteed production priority and close coordination provided by in-house manufacturing.

GBM maintains a state-of-the-art manufacturing site in China's Yue Yuen Industrial Park, one of the premier industry aggregations in southern China. This 42,000 square-meter facility can employ up to 2,500 workers, and boasts a monthly production capacity of 250,000 monitors.

In addition to its proximity to the air and marine transport facilities in Hong Kong, GBM is itself a fully integrated manufacturer, producing key components to guarantee supply.

GBM possesses sophisticated quality assurance survey and auditing systems to ensure superior quality, and has achieved ISO 9002/14001 certification as further testimony to its capabilities in this area. Moreover, GBM fully conforms to the EMS operational model, which allows OEM customers to coordinate closely with the production process and allow AMW to provide such customers with the best possible manufacturing service.

Expanding on its formidable strengths, GBM plans to establish a dedicated customs clearance facility on site, as well as private shipping harbour, to give it further advantages in the increasingly time-critical industry.

amw 17 inch flat screen monitor

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