Looking after your feet on the football pitch

Looking after your feet on the football pitch

They may be termed little more than carpet slippers by the old pros, who would use the type in the picture below, but one of the most vital tools at your disposal is your boots. It is football after all.

  1. Looking after the boots

It’s tempting to throw boots into a kitbag after a match and not get them out again until the following weekend but it’s important to clean the boots after each use. If you don’t think you’ll remember to do this each week then opt for synthetic boots as they are easier to clean and quick-drying. Leather boots require a little more attention. Wiping them with a soft cloth dipped in warm water and leaving out to dry naturally will help them to retain their shape, especially if you stuff with dry newspaper while they dry. Don’t leave over a radiator to dry as this can crack the leather

  1. Take socks with you

You won’t get a true feel for the boots unless you try them on with football socks. You’ll want to see how they lace up and if they feel secure and comfortable. Trying them on with socks will give you a better idea of how they’ll feel in reality when you’re on the pitch and provide you with the opportunity to get a feel for the different fits of the different manufacturers.

  1. Try them on

Whether the boots are for you or your child, they must be tried on before buying. Feel is very important and if they feel good then that’s going to increase your confidence on the pitch. Focus less on the style and colour but find a pair that match your needs, playing style and just feel great on your feet. If they feel good, you’ll play good! For all your team’s kit requirements, especially when looking for a second training kit take a look at Cheap Football Kits at kitking

  1. More than looks

While we can’t help but be attracted by certain colours and designs, try to look beyond the flashy patterns and get the right balance between a pair that’s aesthetically pleasing and that fit well. They don’t always have to be leather either as modern synthetics can be just as comfortable and well-fitting. The most important thing is that the fit is spot on and the right shape for your foot.

  1. Surface

Make sure you’re picking the right boots for the right surface. You may need to invest in several different options if you’ll be playing in different settings. Playing in the right boots for the surface is important for reducing the risk of injury. The general rule is not mix different boot types with the wrong surface as you can also damage the boots. Firm ground boots are for grass, artificial grass requires an artificial grass plate and indoor football requires a boot with no stud plates at all.

Looking after your feet on the football pitch