Make the most of your garage space with these smart ways

Make the most of your garage space with these smart ways

Finally cleared out your garage and wondering what to do with all that new found space? If you want to make the most of your space, here are some smart ways you can add value to your property or achieve a budget makeover that makes life easier.

Indoor play space

If you have young children, then turning the garage into an indoor playroom is a smart choice. Make sure you pad the floor with suitable flooring, paint the walls bright colours and even secure a swing to an overhead beam. You could experiment with ball pits, sandboxes or even paddling pools, safe in the knowledge that all the mess can be contained outside the house.

Create a boot room

Talking of mess, using a part of your garage for storing and organising outdoor clothing and shoes is a quick and affordable project that makes life easier. Add a bench to make storing those muddy boots easier, storage bins for trainers and wellies and coat hooks for outdoor coats. Need more storage? Add Cheap Shelving Units for extra functionality that can be shared with the rest of the garage.

Make the most of your garage space with these smart ways

All in one functionality

If your family all pursue different interests then create a hybrid room that works for everyone. Section off an area for a home gym and another for crafts alongside a play area, boot room or even music room. Organise a proper laundry area or a sewing station and make sure you have plenty of vertical storage for example from a Cheap Shelving Units Ireland company and find a good online site such as where you can browse various options.

The home office

It’s surprisingly easy to transform an unused garage into a must-have home office – a lick of white paint and some smart storage works wonders. A concrete floor and A frame beams look effortlessly industrial, just add garage shelving for practicality and style. And an old dining table can be a spacious and useful place to work and meet.

Add a guest bedroom

If you want a space to use all year round then add insulation and plasterboard to create an appealing and practical extra bedroom. This transformation may be more of a budget buster but works out cheaper than an attic conversion – why not section off a part of the garage to create a luxury en-suite?