Try These Techniques for More Conversions on Your Auto Website

For motor traders, it can be difficult to compete online, with many other sites generating more traffic and catching more customers. Here are some top tips to help you generate more leads to your website and convert visitors into buyers.

Try These Techniques for More Conversions on Your Auto Website
Get the Right Traffic

While you might think any traffic is worth the effort, what you actually want is relevant visitors to your site, who are more likely to take the actions you want.

Investing time in writing blogs about concept cars may interesting and may increase your ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but it isn’t necessarily going to get you more people who are interested in buying a car from your dealership in the future.

Focus instead on creating content which includes keywords that are likely to be in the searches your potential customers are making. For instance, write a blog about VW dealers in Watford if you sell Volkswagen cars in Watford.

Try These Techniques for More Conversions on Your Auto Website

Capture Leads on Every Page

Make it easy for potential customers to contact you by putting a form on every page of your website. Keep it simple and short so it doesn’t become off-putting, but position it in easy sight. Make your calls to action clear and try different colours, font sizes and placement of buttons to boost conversion rate. Forbes says that using buttons instead of text links can boost clicks by up to 45%.

If you want people to call you instead of filling in a form, display contact information and make it easy for people to click to call you if they are browsing on the mobile device.

Show You Are Trust

Content that shows the people behind your website who will be selling the cars and dealing with purchase transactions is an important way to build trust with your potential clients.

When you know you have the right motor trade insurance in place, you can be confident in positioning your car dealership as trusted partners. With Quote Me Today online motor trade insurance quotes are easy to source, and you can move forward quickly.

Add customer testimonials to listing pages and to the most visited pages of your website to reassure visitors that you are a trusted business.